Starting Out

I have always worn a lot of jewelry, usually to symbolize a moment in life, such as turning 18, graduating high school, or even just a gift from a loved one.

As I learned more and more about the jewelry industry I was disappointed to see so much manufacturing and design work being outsourced to countries that utilize underpaid workers in unfair conditions. Without being able to find a company who not only made great jewelry, but also did so in a great way, I decided to start designing and handcrafting my own.

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man sitting on a stool wearing a bracelet and a ring looing to his right. He has his foot up on the stool and his arm rested on his knee.
the handcrafting of a jacob oglesby sterling silver ring on a jewelers workbench

Raising the Bar

I used some prior computer aided design knowledge to model some pieces (and did a lot of learning on the way), and not long after I had a few designs that I managed to cast and polish up (although never having gone to jewelry school my polishing skills needed some work). Looking back they were pretty lackluster designs, but my mind was fixated on designing and manufacturing my own jewelry.

From then on I have been pursuing that path, and that's pretty much where I am now. I proudly design and handcraft each and every piece I sell, in Fort Worth, Texas.

I am currently widening my offering, and I hope to populate my collection with pieces that all mean something to me, and hopefully all mean something to someone else.

Featured product

jacob oglesby Band of Skulls jewelry Ring on a white background